Consumers Cooperative AssociationConsumers Cooperative Association was organized in 1970 and serves as the "Common Bond" for Membership at Consumers Credit Union.

The Consumers Cooperative Association is managed by a Board of nine (9) Directors elected at an annual membership meeting for three (3) year terms. The following individuals represent the current CCA Board of Directors:

  • Dorotha Betke
  • Anna Cortez
  • Kathleen Crews
  • Christopher Devaney
  • Julie Jenkins
  • Stacy McWhorter
  • Julian Penny
  • Bill Reidel
  • Tom Splitt

Proposed Bylaws

Consumers Cooperative Association proposed bylaws, click HERE to view.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Why does Consumers Credit Union need a Common Bond?

A. The Illinois Credit Union Act, under which Consumers Credit Union operates, requires every credit union to have a Membership Common Bond. The Consumers Cooperative Association provides an associational common bond for Consumers Credit Union. Other credit unions have other common bonds. For example, an employees' credit union has employment as the common bond. In credit unions sponsored by communities, residence is the common bond.

Q. Can anyone join the Association?

A. Yes, by filling out an application and paying the one-time Membership fee.

Q. Can I belong to the Association without belonging to Consumers Credit Union?

A. Yes. But you cannot be a Member of Consumers Credit Union unless you are a Member of the Association.

Q. Are there other advantages to joining the Association besides membership in Consumers Credit Union?

A. Yes, Members can receive discounts from local businesses.  The Association is looking to enhance the discount offering in the future.  Please see below for the current service organizations offering discounts to Members.

Q. What other services does the Association offer?

A. 1. Scholarship Program – The Association awards scholarships each year to High School Senior boys and girls. The scholarship application is available online from mid-October to midnight on December 31st.

2. Educational Seminars – The Association periodically sponsors seminars on budgeting, the wise use of credit, investment planning, identity theft, and other topics.


Q. Who runs the Association?

A. The Members. A Membership meeting is held annually. At this meeting, Members elect three Directors to serve on the Board (of nine directors). The Directors are responsible for the operation and management of the Association.

Discount Services For Our Members:

All credit unions share a bond with a service-oriented organization, and their Members also need to be affiliated with that organization to join the credit union. Consumers Credit Union is part of the Consumers Cooperative Association, which you join by paying a one-time fee of $5.

Our sponsor, Consumers Cooperative Association (CCA), was established in 1970. CCA offers its members discount purchase programs to various area businesses.

Automotive Services

Car Tech Auto Clinic
Since 1979
111 N. Edison Ct. - North of Washington, Waukegan
Phone 847.244.4484
10% discount on all mechanical repairs - labor only.
10% discount on all non-insurance collision repairs - labor only.
Pick-up and delivery.

Deluxe Car Wash
1350 N. Lewis Avenue
Waukegan, IL 60085
Phone 847.336.4664
Members may avail themselves of the following discounts by showing their credit union membership card or merely by stating they are Members of Consumers Cooperative Association or CCU.
$1 off each Full Service Car Wash
$5 off each Value Car Wash
10% discount for vehicle detailing including carpet shampooing, cleaning upholstery and hand waxing

Waukegan Tire & Supply Co.
3444 W. Washington Street,
Park City, IL 60085
Phone 847.336.0656
5% discount on tires.
5 % discount on parts, labor for service work performed at any of our four locations: (2) two in Waukegan, (1) one in Park City and (1) one in Grayslake.

Financial Services

Consumers Credit Union

List of locations

Other Services

Brittane's Designs
"We're more than just baskets."
When you need a gift for any occasion we have just the right gift for just the right price! Call us at 847.367.7118 or visit us on line at CCU members receive a 10% discount on orders over $35. Gurnee deliveries are free!

Lake Shore Construction Inc. Kitchen Bath
1600 N. Milwaukee Ave., Unit 407 - Lake Villa, IL 60046
Phone 847.970.1816
10% discount on all remodeling
10% discount on all Kraftmaid Cabinets, Cuisines Laurier Cabinets, Jay Ramob Cabinets

Redwing Shoe Store
750 N. Green Bay Road, Waukegan
(in the Granview Shopping Center)
10% discount on all work shoes & boots

Consumers Cooperative Association and Consumers Credit Union make no warranty; express or implied, with respect to products or services provided by these service organizations. Should any complaints arise, they should be directed to the organization providing the product or service.