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Online Banking

Visa Cards

CCU Visa Platinum Card

  • Our Lowest Rate Card
  • Generous Credit Limits
  • No Annual Fee
  • No Balance Transfer or Cash Advance Fees

CCU Visa Platinum Rewards Card

  • Low Rate Card
  • Earn Reward Points for Gifts and Travel
  • No Annual Fee
CCU Visa Signature Rewards Card

*Earn 3X Reward Points on up to $6,000 in annual purchases at grocery/convenience stores.

  • Earn Reward Pts for Merchandise or Travel
  • Earn 3X Points on Grocery Store Purchases*
  • Earn 2X Points on Gas
  • Earn 1X Points on Everything Else
  • No Annual Fee
CCU Visa Signature Rewards Card

*Earn up to $6000 maximum Cash Rebate Annually   

  • Earn 3% cash rebate on Grocery Store Purchases*
  • Earn 2% cash rebate on Gas*
  • Earn 1% cash rebate on Everything Else*
  • No Annual Fee

Student Visa

Start them on the road toward financial responsibility but maintain your peace of mind with the CCU Student Visa© credit card. This card starts building good credit scores while teaching students how to budget their finances and manage a line of credit.

Tap to pay and be on your way

Check out quickly and safely with your CCU contactless Visa card.  You'll save time and continue to enjoy all the benefits of using our card. 

VISA Secure Remote Commerce

Visa Secure Remote Commerce makes online shopping secure and easy. Enrolled customers no longer have to enter account numbers, look up passwords or fill out long forms to make a purchase. eliminates the task of inputting card and shipping information at checkout. To enroll, click on the VISA Secure Remote Commerce link below and have your CCU VISA credit and/or debit card information available.

VISA Secure Remote Commerce

Credit Card Comparison

BenefitsPlatinum Visa Rewards Platinum VisaVisa Signature Rewards Visa Signature Cash Rebate Card Student Visa
Accepted at millions of locations worldwide
No Annual Fee
No-Fee Balance Transfers    
CURewards Program   
VISA Signature Cash Rebate    
Automated Fraud Alerts
Secure online access to account information
24-hour member service with live representative
VISA Zero Liability
Customized spending limit
ID Navigator Powered by NortonLifeLock
Travel Accident insurance    
Travel & Emergency Assistance (up to $500,000)  
24/7 Visa Concierge Service    
Lost Luggage Reimbursement (up to $3,000)    

Protected Credit Transactions:

CCU's fraud systems protect against debit transactions done in Iran, Cuba Burma/Myanmar, and Libya.

Add or remove a joint owner

You may apply online or with a representative to add or remove a joint owner. We will ask for updated personal information such as employment status and income. We will also pull a new credit report. All loan requests are subject to our Loan Review Committee Guidelines.

Add or remove an authorized user

Please contact us for appropriate paperwork to add or remove an authorized user.

Request a replacement card or close a card

Please call us at 877-275-2228 to request a replacement card or to close a card.

Request a credit limit increase

You may apply online or with a representative for a credit limit increase.

Request a balance transfer

You can email or call us with your transfer request. You can also complete a balance transfer online. Log in to your online banking account.  Click on your Visa credit card account to access the Visa account page.  From there, simply click on 'Balance Transfer' and complete the necessary information.

Credit Card Application

Helpful Phone Numbers

Activate and Update PIN - 800-631-3197

24/7 Cardholder Service - 866-820-3842

24/7 Fraud Monitoring Service - 888-918-7313

To Report a Card Lost/Stolen - 800-449-7728

VISA Platinum and VISA Platinum Rewards disclosure.
VISA Platinum and VISA Platinum Rewards agreement.
VISA Signature Rewards and Cash Rebate disclosure.
VISA Signature Rewards and Cash Rebate agreement.