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Board of Directors

Call For Nominations To Run For CCU’s Board of Directors

While there are many reasons people trust credit unions to handle their financial needs, perhaps the most important reason is this: credit union Members are also the owners, with a voice in the governance of their financial institution. That voice includes the opportunity to run for the credit union’s Board of Directors. In that spirit, Consumers Credit Union is accepting nominations for Members to run for its Board of Directors. Board of Director Details

Consumers Credit Union is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Each year, our Members elect four (4) Directors to three (3) year terms.

Consumers Credit Union's current Board of Directors:

  • A. Campanella
  • D. Charts
  • S. Clisham
  • S. Drabicki
  • S. Giotis
  • J. Janezic
  • J. Mahnich
  • S. Mavrothalasitis
  • J. Rajcevich
  • M. Raysakis
  • J. Schwab
  • F. Soyka

To contact CCU's Board of Directors, please send your comments or questions to [email protected].