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EMV for Debit Cards

Shop Securely with EMV

CCU continues to be committed to our members' security. That's why we're bringing our members an additional level of protection by making EMV (also known as chip-enabled cards) available to all of our members.

EMV uses micro-chip technology to increase VISA Debit Card security when shopping in-store. Your card will also include the magnetic stripe that it currently has, giving you the ability to use EMV at merchants who support it and the magnetic stripe at all other locations. So you can shop anywhere and everywhere -- with added peace of mind!

Enhanced Security:

  • The security EMV technology provides has been used globally for the last decade and is proven to reduce counterfeit fraud.
  • EMV cards provide better fraud protection than traditional cards when used at a chip enabled terminal. They have an embedded microchip that turns cardholder's information into a unique code, making it difficult to duplicate.

Easy and Convenient

EMV technology is available in the U.S. and easy to use! Simply swipe your card and follow the terminal prompts to complete a transaction at a chip terminal.

Please note, not all merchants are currently accepting EMV Debit Cards, it is important you follow the terminal prompts for accurate directions.

EMV for Debit Card FAQ