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Card Alerts

Under Construction: With the launch of CCU’s new digital banking experience, some of the information on this page may no longer be accurate. While we work to update this page, we encourage you to visit our FAQ page for the most current information.

Listen when your money talks. Sign up for Card Alerts from Consumers Credit Union TODAY! You choose which types of account alerts you want to receive and how you want to receive them. Whether by text message or email, Card Alerts help protect you from fraud by putting you in control of your account information.

With Card Alerts, you can set custom alerts for transaction types and dollar amounts for:

  • Purchases over a selected amount
  • Purchases outside of selected states
  • International purchases and more!

Update your preferences online, anywhere, anytime through our Card Alerts website. Request new alerts or make changes to existing preferences that can help you manage your card.

Card Alert FAQs