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We're About People, Not Money

If you’re looking for people who act in your best interest when it comes to managing your money, you’ve landed in the right place. Consumers Credit Union is a business about people, not money. We go to work to help our members, not profit off them. We never forget how hard you’ve worked for your money, and we make it work as hard as it possibly can for you.

We Welcome All to Apply

Consumers is a Credit Union – a not for profit cooperative that returns income to you in the form of better rates and lower fees. And we encourage anyone to apply, regardless of where you live or work. Here you’ll find all the personal financial products you need, with better rates and lower fees than you’ll likely find anywhere else. Plus, lots of options to manage your membership however and wherever you choose. If you're not a member yet, becoming one is easy! We invite you to review our rates, and contact us if you have any questions.

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Truth in Savings Disclosure

We're Here for You

Certified as a Great Place to WorkConsumers Credit Union was recently certified as a Great Place To Work. We know that investing in our people is the best way to help them help you as a member. Here are some of their stories.

Cameron M.

“I’ve been a part of CCU for almost 10 years now, and while there have been many changes along the way, I can say without a doubt they’ve been resoundingly positive! Throughout my career I’ve worked for a few other financial institutions, but CCU is truly different than any other. From the employee culture, benefits, and care for the members, I have not seen any other institution come close to valuing their employees or members like CCU does.”

Mariana L.

“I joined CCU as a Concierge at our Mundelein branch and now hold the position of Assistant Manager at the Volo branch. During my 5 years with CCU, I’ve never experienced such a welcoming and diverse culture like what we have here at the credit union. There are no limits to what we can learn and how much we can grow. Building a team that is focused on member experience and helping our employees succeed is the best thing anyone can ask for in a career. I’m proud to be working with such great people and am thankful for all the opportunities that I have had to contribute to CCU’s continued success.”

Kiara A.

CCU has been a great place for me to grow in my career. It has provided me with a great opportunities and mentors who really push for my growth both within CCU and outside.



Read more testimonials from our team and our members.

We've Established Ourselves in the Financial Industry

Here are just a few of our recent awards:

  • Fortune Recommends us as their #1 pick for Best Free Checking Accounts, 2023
  • Named by Forbes as one of the Best Credit Unions in the country in June 2023 
  • CNBC Select named us one of the Best Credit Unions in the Country, 2023

Read more about us in recent press releases. You can also follow us in Google News.




We Want to Hear From You

Learn more about our community involvement and join us at our next event. Or, stroll into one of our branches to meet us in person.

At CCU, we're building a better credit union for YOU, and that's exactly why we want to learn about YOU. And as we strive every day to improve our member experiences, we want to hear from YOU. Having a member focus is more than just a mission statement -- it is the foundation of our credit union. We take our members' service experience with CCU very seriously and are always striving to improve.

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