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Free Rewards Checking Update Feature

Your Rewards Update is a feature that helps you keep track of your free Rewards Checking qualifications met during the month. On the first day of each month, the Rewards Update resets all of the requirements and it will show a zero dollar amount.

Guide images are for example only. Account balances, reward levels, dividend rates, and loan rates are shown for display purposes only, and do not reflect your account rates or balances. Your actual reward level and dividend rate earned is based on current market rates, which are subject to change at any time and without notice, and your account qualification level earned.


Reward Tier

This field represents the Rewards Checking tier you are currently qualified for. Until the Rewards Checking Tier C requirements are met, the Rewards Tier will show Not Qualified.


Once the minimum requirements have been met, the interest rate for the current tier met will be displayed along with the maximum amount that interest is calculated for. The Rewards Tier displayed may change throughout the month as more requirements are met.


*Rates displayed are for example only

Debit Transactions

Visa Debit Card transactions that have posted to your account will be counted in this section. Within 48 business hours of a transaction posting to your account, that transaction will be updated in the count on the Rewards Tracker. Once the requirement has been fulfilled, a check mark will be displayed.


Direct Deposit

The current dollar amount of Direct Deposits your Rewards Checking account has received for the current month. Once the requirement has been fulfilled, a check mark will replace the dollar amount.



If you have enrolled to receive electronic documents and notices from CCU, this requirement is already met and eDocuments will not be displayed. If you are not enrolled, you will see an X. To enroll, follow the steps below.



  1. Click eDocuments from left side navigation

    Please note: This page opens a pop‐up window. If your web browser has a pop‐up blocker, please disable it temporarily to allow pop‐ups.
  2. To register, ensure your Account number and Name are correct. Next, enter your email address or mobile phone number into the top box under Notification Preference. All of the boxes will fill in automatically with your email address or mobile phone number. The Notification Preference is where you will be alerted that you have an eStatement or eNotice ready to view.

  3. Scroll down, enter the image verification number shown.

  4. Read and accept the Disclosure and Consent. Check the box that signifies you will accept the conditions. Click on Register.

  5. Your accounts are now enrolled in eDocuments. Being enrolled in eDocuments means that all monthly/quarterly account statements and notices will be held in the eDocument portal. You will receive an email to the email address or a text alert to the mobile phone number entered anytime a statement or notice is sent to you and is ready to view. eDocuments will house the last 18 months of account eStatements and eNotices.

Visa Total

The amount displayed is the current amount spent on your CCU Visa Credit Card for the current period (credit card transactions that post by the 2nd day prior to the end of the calendar month will count towards the total. All transactions posted after each month cut‐off will be counted towards the following month's qualifications). Once $1000.00 has been spent and transmitted on the Visa Credit Card, a check mark will be displayed.


*Note: Purchases must clear and be transmitted by the card processor to CCU to count toward the period in which the purchase(s) was made. Posted transactions may take up to three (3) business days or more to be added to your Rewards Update.