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eDocuments User Guide

eDocuments are an online service which stores electronic documents from CCU, such as eStatements and eNotices. This service is provided at no charge to CCU members. Enrolling in eDocuments allows you to receive your monthly statement or account notices quicker and safer than a mailed document.

To enroll in eDocuments

Log in to your online banking account and follow these steps:


  1. Click eDocuments from left side navigation


    Please note: This page opens a pop‐up window. If your web browser has a pop‐up blocker, please disable it temporarily to allow pop‐ups.
  2. To register, ensure your member number and name are correct. Next, enter your email address or mobile phone number into the top box under Notification Preference. 

    Edoc registration 7.28.22
  3. Scroll down, enter the image verification number shown.

  4. Read and accept the Disclosure and Consent. Check the box that signifies you accept the conditions. Click on Register.

  5. Your accounts are now enrolled in eDocuments.

Being enrolled in eDocuments means that all monthly/quarterly account statements and notices will be held in the eDocument portal. You will receive an email to the email address or a text alert to the mobile phone number entered anytime a statement or notice is sent to you and is ready to view.

eDocuments will house the last 18 months of account eStatements and eNotices.

Change Notification Preferences

To update or change your notification preferences, please follow these steps:


  1. Select My Profile in the top blue banner.

  2. Enter the email address or phone number to receive a text message to. At the bottom of the page, select Save to confirm your new notification preferences.

  3. You will receive a message stating your Profile has been updated. Your document alerts will now be sent to your new notification preference.

Mortgage eDocuments

Members with a CCU mortgage can also elect to receive their mortgage statements and notices sent to them via their eDocument portal. To enroll in eDocuments for your CCU mortgage, please log into your Online Banking and follow these steps:


  1. Select eDocuments

  2. Once you select eDocuments, the registration page will be displayed. If you have more than one mortgage product with Consumers, you can elect to receive electronic documents for each of them. In this example, the member has 2 mortgage accounts that can receive eDocuments. The loan number that you are enrolling currently is listed in green text stating “Confirm Mortgage Registration for Account #”. Once you have elected paper or eDocuments for the first loan, the second will populate on the screen.
  3. To enroll in mortgage eDocuments, choose your notification preference. You may choose to enter your email address or phone number in the boxes next to Mortgage Notices and Mortgage Statement. The notification preference entered is where the notification will be sent, alerting you there is an eDocument ready to view. Please read the disclosure and mark “I Accept” at the bottom of the page. Then click Submit.

  4. Once your notification preference has been entered and the conditions have been accepted, you will be enrolled in Mortgage eDocuments. You will receive a notification when there is an electronic document ready to view.
  5. To view your Mortgage eDocuments, log in to your online banking and select eDocuments. Your mortgage documents will be listed next to the date the document was issued.
  6. If you have another mortgage loan with CCU, the next account number registration page will be displayed. Each loan must be enrolled individually.
  7. If you would like to continue to receive paper mortgage statements and notices and opt out of electronic documents, check mark the paper option and select “I Opt Out” at the bottom of the screen. Then click Submit.

  8. Once opted out, you will continue to receive paper statements and notices from CCU regarding this mortgage loan.
  9. If you have another mortgage loan with CCU, the next Account number registration page will be displayed. Each loan must be enrolled individually.
  10. If you have enrolled in Mortgage eDocuments and would like to change your preference back to paper documents, simply log into your online banking and select eDocuments.
  11. Select the Paper option and Save your changes. This change can be made at any time.

    Screen capture showing paper notification option and save button

Accessing eDocuments through CCU’s Mobile App

Once enrolled in eDocuments, you can view the last 18 months of account statements and notices from CCU. To access eDocuments on your smartphone, download the Consumers Credit Union‐Illinois application to your iPhone or Android device.


  1. Log in to your Online Banking Profile and select eDocuments from the Main Menu. You will be directed to your electronic documents.

  2. Select the document type next to the Document Date you would like to view.