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Change of Address Guide

You can use the Update Contact Information form to update the address or contact information on file.

User must enter a valid street address, as a post office box or private mailbox cannot be used as a physical address. User must send a secure message to submit a request to enter an international PO box.

To update contact information:

  1. From the navigation menu, select Services > Update Contact Information

    Screenshot of update contact information select
  2. Complete the required fields for the Update Contact Information form. Select Submit
  3. Review the changes in the following confirmation box and select Confirm

    Screenshot of updating contact information form

    Screenshot the following information has changed popup
  4. Confirm the address by selecting Entered Address or Validated Address [see below]

    * After an address is entered, the system will compare the given address against the official USPS address database. If a match is found, the member will be given the option to use the provided, validated address instead. It is recommended to select the Validated Address option, unless the entered address is the most accurate.

    Screenshot of Address validation popup

  5. A success message will open indicating the update was successful. Select Close
    (or Update SAC if the Secure Access Code needs to be updated).

    Screenshot of update complete popup