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Account to Account (A2A) User Guide

Account to Account (A2A) is a service CCU offers for qualifying members to transfer funds to and from an account they have at an external financial institution.

To qualify for A2A, your Membership must be active, with no restrictions.

Enabling A2A

Login to your online banking and follow these steps:


  1. Click Transfers, then click Add External Account

    Screenshot selecting transfers and add external account
  2. You will then be presented with the A2A disclosure. Please read the disclosure and select "I Accept”.

    Screenshot selecting external transfer agreement and I accept button

Once the agreement is accepted, the next screen will allow you to add an account you wish to use for A2A purposes. The account being added must be an account that you are an owner of.

Add Account

To add an account, follow these steps:


  1. Select Transfers, then click Add External Account.

    Screenshot selecting transfers and add external account
  2. Enter in your account and routing number and select Account type from either Checking or Savings.
  3. Click Continue.

    Screenshot Add an external account
  4. Two “micro” deposits will be generated and sent to the external account usually within 5 business days. Once you receive these two micro deposits in your external account, make note of the amounts as you will need them to verify the account.
  5. After receiving the two micro-deposits, click Transfers, then click Verify External Account.

    Screenshot selecting transfers and verify external account
  6. Select the external account you wish to add. Then enter the two micro deposit amounts into the fields shown and select Continue.

    Screenshot account verification

    If the amounts are entered incorrectly, you will receive this error message.

    Screensot account authorization popup

    If you are unsure of the trial deposit amounts, contact your external financial institution for clarification. If the incorrect trial deposit amounts are entered three times, the verification feature will be disabled. Please contact CCU if this occurs.
  7. If your amounts are entered correctly, your external account will now be ready for the A2A service.

    Screenshot of external account authorization popup

Making an A2A transfer

To make an External account transfer, please log in to to your CCU Online Banking account and follow these steps


  1. Select Transfers, then select Fund Transfers.
  2. Your External Account will show as an account to transfer To or From in the dropdowns. It will indicate (External) next to the account number and show the nickname chosen.
  3. Select your From Account and To Account, enter the amount requested, choose a frequency, select the transfer data and enter a memo if desired. If you are scheduling a future dated transfer, select the date you would like the transfer to be sent.
    For all A2A transfers, please keep in mind that the transaction may take up to 4 business days to be completed.
  4. Click Transfer, then click Funds Transfer

    Screenshot showing different fields to fill out for funds transfer
  5. Your Scheduled Transfer be can viewed within your online banking. Scheduled Transfers can be located by going to Transfer > Activity Center
  6. If not scheduled for immediate transfer, this transfer can be edited or deleted if desired. To do so, select the Action icon, then select Edit to edit the transfer, or select Cancel to cancel the transfer.
  7. All transfers will be in the Activity Center with a status of Authorized, Process or Cancelled.

    Screenshot of fields describing account activity

Mobile Account Transfers

Once the external account has been verified, A2A transfers can also be initiated within your CCU Mobile App.


  1. When logged into the CCU mobile app, select Menu, then Transfer, then select Funds Transfer.

    Screenshot of funds transfer selection
  2. Select the External Account as the From Account or To Account, enter in Amount, select Frequency (One time transfer), Transfer Date (Future date) and Memo if desired.
  3. Select Transfer Funds

    Screenshot of funds transfer fields to fill out
  4. Once submitted, a confirmation window will open which will have the From and To Accounts, Amount, Date and Memo

    Screenshot showing transaction authorized popup

Mobile View or Edit Transfer

To view, edit or cancel your Scheduled Transfers, follow these steps:


  1. Select Menu, then Transfer, then select Activity Center

    Screenshot of transfer activity center tab
  2. Click on the Scheduled Transfer and it will expand to show you the details
  3. To edit the transfer, click the Action button, then click Edit

    Screenshot of activity center information
  4. Update the information you wish to change for this transfer. Then click Transfer Funds

    Screenshot of edit one time transfer form
  5. Once confirmed, you will receive a notice stating the transfer has been successfully changed and the changes are shown under Scheduled Transfers.

    Screenshot of edit one time transfer popup confirmation

Mobile Cancel Transfer

To cancel an external transfer on the mobile app, follow these steps:


  1. Select the actions button on the transfer that you wish to cancel
  2. Select Cancel

    Screenshot of activity center
  3. An alert will prompt you to confirm you want to delete the transfer. Select Confirm to cancel.

    Screenshot of cancel transaction
  4. Once confirmed, you will receive an alert stating your transfer was successfully cancelled.

    Screenshot of transaction cancelled