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Super Savings with our CD Specials

Boost or Borrow 

Boost Your Savings

Watch your savings take off! Don’t miss the opportunity to boost your savings with our 11-month and 22-month certificates.* 

11 Month Certificate

• 2.80%APY* $250 minimum
• 2.90%APY* Jumbo $100,000 minimum
• 3.00%APY* Super-Jumbo $250,000 minimum

22 Month Certificate

• 3.00%APY* $250 minimum
• 3.10%APY* Jumbo $100,000 minimum
• 3.20%APY* Super-Jumbo $250,000 minimum

Account Features

• Guaranteed yield for the term of your certificate
• A low minimum deposit to help you start saving
• Dividends compound daily and post monthly

These special rates are also available for IRA Certificates. Our certificates are a convenient way to invest your hard-earned money. We make it easy to open your certificate! To take advantage of this high-flying offer, you can open your certificate online, or visit a CCU branch. 

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Borrow For Tomorrow


Looking to borrow for a big purchase? Interest rates are low, making it a great time to take out or refinance a home loan, refinance your auto loan or explore a personal loan option. Now’s the time to act while rates are still near all-time lows. 

Home loans

• Fixed & Adjustable Rates
• 1st & 2nd Mortgages
• Down payment options as little as 3%

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Auto loans

• Low, fixed interest rates with flexible terms
• Pay interest only on the unpaid balance
• Up to 0.25% rate reduction for members

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Personal loan options 

• No pre-payment penalty
• Loan amounts up to $100,000
• A quick approval process 

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* The Annual Percentage Yield assumes funds and accrued dividends stay on deposit until maturity. Dividend Rate is fixed for the term of the certificate. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.  Rates subject to change. For complete terms and conditions, please refer to our Truth in Savings Disclosure.