EMV Security for Credit Cards

EMV Security for Credit Cards

Shop Securely with EMV

At CCU, we're committed to our Members' security. That's why we're bringing you a new level of protection by making EMV (also known as chip-enabled cards) available to all of our Members.

EMV uses micro-chip technology to increase credit card security when shopping in-store and online. Your card will also include the magnetic strip that it currently has, giving you the ability to use EMV at merchants who support it and the magnetic strip at all other locations. So you can shop anywhere and everywhere -- with added peace of mind!


Enhanced Security:

  • The security EMV technology provides has been used globally for the last decade and is proven to reduce counterfeit fraud.
  • EMV cards provide better fraud protection than traditional cards when used at a chip enabled terminal. They have an embedded microchip that turns cardholder's information into a unique code, making it difficult to duplicate.

Easy and Convenient

EMV technology is available in the U.S. and easy to use! Simply follow the terminal prompts, outlined below, to make a transaction at a chip terminal:

1. Insert your EMV credit card into the chip terminal.

2. Be sure to leave your card in the terminal and wait for authorization before removing your card.

3. The terminal will provide you with any additional steps.

If a merchant does not yet have a chip terminal, just swipe as usual since your card still has a magnetic strip.

For phone and online transactions, just complete your transaction as usual.

This change does not impact debit cards as of yet. Debit cards will be updated with EMV technology in the near future.

Haven't received your EMV chip credit card? One will be arriving soon!


Q. Why does my CCU card(s) now have a chip?

A. Credit card issuers around the world are including chips in cards and merchants are moving to EMV terminals to increase security and reduce fraud resulting from counterfeit, lost, and stolen cards.

Q. Where can I use my chip-enabled card in the U.S.?

A. You are able to use your card anywhere that accepts VISA cards. More and more merchants and ATMs will be accepting chip-enabled cards.

Q. Do I still need to sign the back of my card?

A. Yes, for security purposes, you need to sign the back of your card.

Q. Can I still use my old card?

A. No. Your new chip card(s) replace your old card(s). Please shred or cut up any old cards for security.

Q. How do I pay at a chip card reader?

A. Instead of swiping the card at the merchant card reader, you'll insert it into the slot in the front of the chip card reader. Leave the card in the chip card reader until your purchase is complete. Follow any additional prompts.

Q. How do I know if the merchant's reader is EMV enabled?

A. If a terminal is EMV enabled and you swipe your card using the magnetic stripe, the terminal will recognize that the card has an EMV chip and ask that you insert the card to complete your transaction

Q. How do I pay at a card reader that is not chip-enabled?

A. Your card will also have a magnetic stripe on the back, so you can still swipe your card at a traditional card reader.

Q. Will the chip on my card damage easily?

A. No. They are as tough as the magnetic stripe on the back of your card. Please refrain from tampering with it.

Q. How does a chip-enabled card work for Internet and telephone transactions?

A. Your Internet and telephone transactions will work just as they do today.

Q. What about recurring payments on my old card?

A. You must notify any merchants you have set up automatic payments with. Give them your new card number, expiration date and the 3-digit security code.

Q. Are chip cards secure?

A. Yes. When purchases are made using EMV cards, the transaction is more secure because of a unique process that is used to determine if the card is authentic. This makes the card more difficult to counterfeit or copy.

Q. Can I still use my chip-enabled credit card at an ATM?

A. Yes. You can use your EMV card at the ATM. ATMs are moving to the new chip reader capability. Chip-enabled ATMs will hold your card for the length of the transaction. Please remember to take your card at the end of every transaction.

Q. Now that I have a chip debit card, do I need to notify CCU before I travel internationally?

A. Yes, CCU still recommends you set travel notes on any cards you will using during your travels. To set a travel note, call the number on the back of your card.