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Ease the Fees ;

Ease The Fees

Often, financial institutions send long, bland letters packed with legal jargon, informing you of fee increases and further restrictions they deem necessary. However, we are pleased to report the opposite! Here are some changes you'll probably love:

Linked Overdraft Transfer Service Fee Eliminated

The fee for each automatic transfer of funds from a linked savings or checking account, using our Overdraft Transfer Service, will be eliminated, effective March 1, 2022. Transfers from a loan or credit card will be subject to the terms of your loan agreement.

More Overdraft Transfer Service Fee Good News 

  • Transfers from your linked CCU checking or savings account will no longer be made in increments of $20.00, but rather  $100.00. This eliminates fees after initial overdraft that would occur for every $20 up to $100. If the account does not have at least $100.00 available, the amount of the transfer will be equal to the available balance in the account. This change will be effective as of April 1, 2022.  Transfers from a Visa credit card will continue to be equal to the amount of the overdraft.
  • Automatic transfers from a savings account using our Overdraft Transfer Service will no longer be included in the transaction withdrawal limit of six preauthorized, automatic or internet transfers per month, effective immediately.

No More Continuous Day Overdraft Fees

The fee assessed for each time your account is overdrawn for six (6) or more consecutive days will be eliminated, effective March 1, 2022.

Payday Comes Early With ACH Early Pay

  • Beginning March 1, 2022, CCU will credit your direct deposit(s) to your account up to two (2) days early. That means if your pay date is on the 15th of the month, you could receive those funds as early as the 13th.
  • Please note the early pay for direct deposits is dependent on when CCU receives the direct deposit transaction notification from your employer.

View the full details on these changes in terms to your account here.