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The Best Time to Buy an Airline Ticket

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Traveling can be expensive, even if you find a good deal. With all the different travel websites, it is difficult to know what time of year you can find the best deals on hotels, plane tickets, and other travel expenses. Below is a guide to finding the best time to purchase airline tickets to find the lowest prices.



Because there are no major holidays during this season, the most expensive time to travel will be during the Spring Break season throughout March and April.

Best Time to Buy: 90 days in advance

Prime Booking Time: 50-120 days in advance



Summer is the most popular travel season, with July being the busiest month. You can find the lowest fares during August and September.

Best Time to Buy: 50 days in advance

Prime Booking Time: 15-160 days in advance



Other than booking on Thanksgiving, you can find great bargains for fall travel!

Best Time to Buy: 70 days in advance

Prime Booking Time: 20-100 days in advance



The holiday season can be a very expensive time to travel, but you can find some great travel deals throughout January and February to escape the cold.

Best Time to Buy: 60 days in advance

Prime Booking Time: 20-110 days in advance



Throughout all seasons, some travel secrets always apply. Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days to fly year-round. The fastest way to earn travel deals is through a travel rewards credit card.