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Choosing the Right Credit Card

A Word From CCU
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For all of our commonalities, each consumer’s financial needs are unique, making it hard to find any single product that suits the needs of all. Rather than confining members to one product that may not complement their spending habits or lifestyle, smart financial institutions provide a variety of products to meet the diverse needs of a diverse consumer base.

Consumers Credit Union was built on the idea of being a better alternative for local consumers, and the organization has held true to that drive for over 75 years. Today, Consumers Credit Union offers a wide variety of products to suit all of its Members, including four distinct credit cards.

Of course, with so many options from which to choose, the question comes down to, how do you select the right card? It all comes down to deciding what you need from your card.

For consumers who tend to carry a balance, the Visa Platinum Card is the credit union’s lowest-rate option, providing low APRs and minimal fees, with no annual fees.

If you want a low rate but still want to earn rewards on every purchase, the Visa Platinum Rewards Card may be the best choice. While still providing low rates and minimal fees, the Visa Platinum Rewards card also offers CU Rewards points that can be redeemed for merchandise, travel, and unique experiences.

Consumers who rarely carry a balance and want to maximize their rewards can turn to the Visa Signature Rewards Card, which offers 3X points for up to $6,000 in annual grocery store purchases, plus 2X points on gas and unlimited 1X points on everything else. And, unlike most rewards cards, there’s still no annual fee.

Finally, the Student Visa card is ideal for young people looking to establish and build their credit. Once a parent applies and is approved, students ages 13 to 21 can be approved as an authorized user and receive their own card.

No matter which card you choose, of course, be sure to use it responsibly. Always make your payments on time — ideally paying more than the minimum — and maintain low credit card utilization to help build a positive credit profile.