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Staying or Moving, Home Improvements with an Impact

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Renovating, remodeling, and improving certain areas of your house is an excellent way for you to add increased functionality and beauty to your property. The day may come when you want or need to sell. In preparation for that possibility, realize that not all home improvements are created equal. Certain projects add more resale value than others.

Here are some impovements that generally have the best financial impact.


It’s a real estate adage that the kitchen, more than any other room, sells the home. People like to see modern conveniences and styles in the kitchen. Especially in older homes, kitchen improvements tend to add value. Look at real estate ads and see how many mention an updated kitchen.

Now, that doesn’t mean you should drop tens of thousands of dollars on improvements. Make minor repairs that can lead to serious second thoughts for buyers like fixing the leaky faucet, the loose light fixture, or the burn mark on the countertop. Once you’ve made the kitchen fully functional, think about a gentle spruce-up. For a few hundred dollars, you can probably paint the walls, update the cabinet hardware, and add new curtains to give the space a clean, fresh look.

If the kitchen is badly outdated, increasing your budget might make sense, especially if you could be in the home for a few more years. A few thousand dollars will get you top-performing appliances or countertops and flooring. Then you’ll have your odds and ends, such as light fixtures, a faucet, and any necessary labor costs.


Second to kitchen remodels are bathroom remodels. Again, modernizing older styles or fixtures will increase functionality and beauty. Installing new bathroom fixtures will help the space look brighter and more appealing.

When it comes to buyers, they want to see that a home is clean and well-maintained, especially in the bathrooms. Simple improvements like caulking the tub or re-grouting the tile floor will go a long way in the mind of a buyer.

If you’re not looking to sell right away, there are several larger upgrades that shouldn’t cost a fortune, given the small dimensions of many bathrooms. For example, updating the flooring and vanity countertop. Adding new toilets is also a smart upgrade because this can improve the look of a home while also making it more water-efficient.

Outdoor improvements

You wouldn’t go to a job interview without brushing your hair and putting on a clean outfit. Nor should you try to sell your home without sprucing up its exterior. Start with basic maintenance: mowing the lawn, trimming overgrown shrubs, and applying a fresh layer of mulch to garden beds. Your house makes a first impression quickly, so sprucing up its outdoor appearance is a smart investment.

As with your home’s interior, it’s also important to make the minor repairs to the exterior, such as replacing cracked siding boards or repointing brick walls. Follow that with any necessary paint touch-ups, especially to the front of the house, which will get the most scrutiny.

Roofs and Windows

The roof and windows are another area to pay close attention to because prospective buyers will. Roofs and windows are expensive to replace, and buyers expect these to be in good condition. Unfortunately, that means that while replacing them won't dramatically increase resale value, not replacing them could significantly decrease it.

The appearance of your home speaks volumes about your lifestyle. So, whether you plan to resell your home someday or not, you want to renovate it and maintain its stylish appearance at tiptop condition. Whether you like it or not, your home reflects upon you. Remodeling will ensure that your home gives a favorable impression of you.

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