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2021 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the 2021 Consumers Cooperative Association's Scholarship recipients! 

The following student is the 2021 recipient of the $10,000 Bill Reidel Honorary Scholarship. The scholarship was created in 2020 to honor Bill Reidel and the legacy of his unselfish dedication to the philosophy and credit union motto of "people helping people." The scholarship is a collaboration between CCU and CCA. 

 NameHigh SchoolCollege/UniversityAnticipated Major
mauricio-cisnerosMauricio CisnerosMundelein High SchoolUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-ChampaignPolitical Science


Consumers Cooperative Association is excited to announce the twenty scholarship winners. These scholarships support our young people in their educational and career goals. Encouraging their pursuit of higher education is the primary driver of our scholarship program. We’re confident these students will achieve their dreams as they transition from high school to college, and ultimately become the leaders of tomorrow.

The CCA awarded the following twenty (20) high school seniors each with a $2,000 Scholarship.

 Name High SchoolCollege/UniversityAnticipated Major
 Alexis-Valdovinos Alexis Valdovinos Waukegan High SchoolBeloit CollegeBusiness/Finance
Amir-MustafaAmir MustafaLakes Community High SchoolColorado State UniversityBusiness
Athanasios-Prokos (1)Athanasios ProkosMaine South High SchoolDenison UniversityUndecided
Crystal-MathewCrystal MathewHomeschooledUndecidedEngineering Physics
Emma-WardEmma WardHomeschooledUniversity of Missouri, Oklahoma State or University of ArizonaAnimal Science
Griffin-MoonGriffin MoonElkhorn Area High SchoolUniversity of Wisconsin, PlattevilleEngineering Physics
Kadra-BallaKadra BallaMundelein High SchoolMichigan State UniversityPackaging Science
Kaitlin-BruchertKaitlin BruchertGrayslake North High SchoolCollege of Lake CountyCommunications
Katina-ChristoffersonKatina ChristoffersonJohnston High SchoolIowa State UniversityEngineering
Mckenzie-MoeMckenzie MoeJacobs High school/Summit High SchoolElgin Community College


Truck Driver

Meghan-FoxMeghan FoxWarren Township High SchoolUniversity of MissouriExercise Physiology and Nutrition
Michelle-SilvaMichelle SilvaCristo Rey St. MartinCarthage CollegePre-Law
Misael-MirandaMisael MirandaWarren Township High SchoolSouthern Illinois University, CarbondaleAutomotive Technology
Nicolas-GuerentzNicholas GuerentzCary Grove Community High SchoolMontana State UniversityMechanical Engineering
Nicholas-FrankNicolas FrankJames B. ConantUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-ChampaignBusiness Undecided
Olivia-LieraOlivia LieraAndover High SchoolUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstBusiness
Perry-FosterPerry FosterChristian Life SchoolMississippi State UniversityCivil Engineering
Rosalyn-RandallRosalyn RandallLake County Baptist SchoolBob Jones UniversityMusic Education
Ryan-KittleRyan KiddleLakes Community High SchoolUniversity of DubuqueChemistry
Sanjay-ShresthaSanjay ShresthaVernon Hills High SchoolUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-ChampaignKinesiology