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Mobile Banking User Guide

Mobile Banking is a great way to monitor your accounts, process transactions and communicate with Consumers Credit Union while on the go from your mobile phone. Within CCU’s mobile app, you can check your balances, view account history, transfer funds to share accounts or loans, use our free Bill Pay service and even make check deposits simply by taking a picture.

To use CCU’s mobile application, download the Consumers Credit Union (Illinois) app on your Android or iPhone device. Once you have a User ID and Password for Online Banking, you can log into your account on the app using those credentials. Once logged in, the Main Menu will be displayed. From the Main Menu, select the option that fits your needs.

Guide images are for example only. Account balances, reward levels, dividend rates, and loan rates are shown for display purposes only, and do not reflect your account rates or balances. Your actual reward level and dividend rate earned is based on current market rates, which are subject to change at any time and without notice, and your account qualification level earned.

Main Menu Options


Home ‐ View accounts and history of transactions.

eDocuments ‐ Access your last 18 months of statements and notices from CCU

Transfers ‐ Process and schedule transfers for immediate, one‐time future‐dated or recurring

Mobile Check Deposit ‐ Deposit a check into your CCU account by taking a picture of the check

Card Management ‐ Manage CCU credit cards

Locations – Search and locate branch and ATM locations

Messages ‐ Send and receive secure messages regarding your account

Services – Stop payments and perform other services that CCU offers

Settings – Edit profile and configure alerts

Help – Access the Help webpage

Log Off – Sign off the app and return to the login screen



To view Deposit and Loan Account balances and activity select Home from the Menu. It is also the default page that opens when you login to your account

Your Current and Available Balances will be displayed for each Deposit Account shown. Your Current Balances and Due Date are displayed under each Loan Account in black text. To access your CCU Visa Credit Card, select the ellipsis in the upper right of the Visa CC box or through Menu ◇ Card Management. Your Rewards Update for your Free Rewards Checking Account can also be found on this screen.

Account Access Steps

  1. Tap the Account you would like to view in detail. Or click the Action button, then select View Activity.

  2. The Transaction tab will show you the most recent transaction dealing with that account.
    a. You can use the Filter icon to filter for results.
    b. The Money icon can be used to complete a quick transfer

  3. The details page will show the account’s Available Balance and Current Balance. You will be able to change the Account display name by clicking the pencil icon. You can also enable or disable the account visibility.

  4. When done, select Back to Home to return to the Home screen.



Once enrolled in eDocuments, you can view the last 18 months of account statements and notices from CCU. From the Main Menu, select eDocuments. You will be directed to your electronic documents.


Select the Document Type you would like to view.




Activity Center – This will have all transactions that have been processed, authorized or cancelled

Funds Transfer – This is where you can make internal or external transfers of your funds for same day, future date, or set a recurring transfer

Member to Member – You can send funds to a member account

Loan Payment – Select this to make a loan payment on any one of your loans

Skip a Loan Payment – This will allow you to submit a skip loan payment request

Loan eXpressPay – This will allow you to make a loan payment using a Debit card or Routing/Account number

Immediate Transfers

To make an immediate Transfer, follow these steps


  1. Tap Menu < Transfers < Fund Transfer

  2. Select From Account
  3. Select To Account
  4. Enter transfer Amount
  5. Select Frequency from dropdown as One Time Transfer
  6. Select Transfer Date as today date
  7. Enter Memo (optional)
  8. Tap Transfer Funds

  9. Once submitted, a confirmation window will appear.
    a. It will list your From and To Accounts, the Amount, Date and Memo.
  10. If you would like to see the details for the transfer, select Manage Transfer.


Future Dated Transfer

One‐Time processing, follow these steps.


  1. Tap Menu < Transfers < Fund Transfer

  2. Select From Account
  3. Select To Account
  4. Enter transfer Amount
  5. Select Frequency from dropdown as One Time Transfer
  6. Select Transfer Date as a date in the future
  7. Enter Memo (optional)
  8. Tap Transfer Funds

  9. Once submitted, a confirmation window will appear.
    a. It will list your From and To Accounts, the Amount, Date and Memo.
  10. If you would like to see the details for the transfer, select Manage Transfer.


Recurring Transfer

Follow these steps.


  1. Tap Menu < Transfers < Fund Transfer

  2. Select From Account
  3. Select To Account
  4. Enter transfer Amount
  5. Select Frequency from dropdown that is NOT One Time Transfer
  6. Select Start Date
  7. Select Repeat Duration
    a. Forever (Will never end)
    b. Until Date
        i. Pick a date you would like the recurring transfer to end
  8. Select Start Date (the date you would like the first transfer completed)
  9. Enter Memo (optional)
  10. Tap Transfer Funds

  11. Once submitted, a confirmation window will appear.
    a. It will list your From and To Accounts, the Amount, Date, Memo, and Frequency.
  12. If you would like to see the details for the transfer, select Manage Transfer.


Activity Center

To view, edit or cancel your Scheduled Transfers, Follow these steps.

  1. Tap Menu < Transfers < Activity Center

  2. To view or edit a futured dated one‐time transfers click Transactions Tab. To view or edit a recurring transaction click the Recurring tab.
  3. Tap the Action ellipse and click Edit Series

  4. Update the information you wish to change for this transfer. Tap Transfer Funds when done.

  5. Once Completed a confirmation window will open.
    a. It will list the From and To Account, Amount, Date and Memo.


Cancel a Transfer


  1. Tap Action then tap Cancel Series

  2. An alert will be prompted asking if you are sure you want to Cancel the transfer. Select Confirm
    to Cancel.

  3. Once confirmed, you will receive an alert stating your transfer was successfully Cancelled.


Mobile Check Deposit

Mobile Check Deposit is a service that CCU offers to qualifying Members that allows you to deposit a check into your CCU share accounts using your smartphone via CCU’s mobile application.

The qualifications to use Mobile Check Deposit are:

  • The Member must be over 18 years old.
  • The Member must have accepted the eDocument Disclosure.
  • The Member must have a minimum credit score of 500.

If your account has already been qualified for this service, you will see the Mobile Check Deposit option listed on the Menu. If you do not see this option on the Main Menu and your account meets the qualifications listed, please contact CCU at 877‐275‐2228.

When ready to make a Mobile Check Deposit, follow these steps.


  1. Tap Menu < Mobile Check Deposit and accept the E‐Sign Consent

  2. Select the Account you would like the check to be deposited to. Enter the amount of the check. The daily limit for Mobile Check Deposit deposits is 5 checks or $10,000.00, whichever limit is met first. Once the amount is entered, tap “Front of Check”. Ensure the image is clear and there are no shadows covering the check. The quality of the image can be improved by propping the check up against a dark background and taking the picture standing in front of the check, rather than directly over it. Hold your hand steady when taking the picture and align the check to fit in the green outline. When you are satisfied with the quality of the picture of the front of the check, tap “Back of Check”. The check must be endorsed on the back to be accepted.
  3. Once you are satisfied with both images, select Submit Deposit.

  4. Once your image has been accepted, you will see the following message. Once processed, write in pencil, "deposited via mobile" and the date of deposit. Store the check in a secure location for at least 30 days. Verify the deposit and destroy the check.

  5. Your deposit will be sent to CCU for review and processing. All items are reviewed and are subject to CCU’s Funds Availability Policy. Deposits made during non‐business hours will be posted the following business day. You will receive a series of three emails once your Mobile Check Deposit has been processed. The email will be sent to the email address we have on file for you.

If your image was not accepted, you will receive a message stating there was an error and to retake the picture of the front and back of the check.


If this error occurs, verify the lighting for the image, make sure the check is endorsed and that you have not previously deposited this check via Mobile Check Deposit. Then attempt to process the Mobile Check Deposit again. If these errors continue, contact CCU for assistance.


By clicking Location, a window will open with a map of CCU branch location and their hours.


When you select a location, it will show the address, services that are offered, open days and open hours.



If you have questions regarding your account, a specific transaction or would like more information on a product, you can send your inquiry to CCU staff in a secure message. A CCU representative will reply to your inquiry within 24 business hours.

Send Message

To contact us with a question or concern regarding your account(s) via secure message follow these


  1. Tap Menu < Messages

  2. Then select New Message pencil icon

  3. Complete the following fields:
    1. Message Recipient – Select from the drop who you would like to receive the message
    2. Message Subject‐ Enter in a title for your message
    3. Message ‐ This is where you will type your inquiry, question or concern. Please include as much information as you have. Being as detailed as possible will assist the representative replying to your inquiry to assure they are answering all your questions and addressing all issues. Rest assured; you can always reply to a response to provide more information if needed later.
  4. Tap Send Message

  5. Once your Secure Message has been sent successfully, you will receive a confirmation message.
    Your inquiry will be responded to by the end of the next business day.


Response to Message

To view the response, follow these steps.


  1. Tap Menu < Messages.

  2. Click on the message that is unread which Title should be Bold.

  3. Review your response. If you have more questions or if more information was requested from the representative assisting, you can reply to the response by selecting the Reply button at the top of the message.

  4. If you are satisfied with the response and no longer want to retain the message in your online banking profile, select the Trash Can icon on the top of the message details, next to the Reply icon.
  5. When selecting to delete the message, you will receive an alert asking if you are sure you want to delete. Select Delete.

  6. A deleted confirmation will appear deletion.


Non archived/deleted threads can be viewed at any time by selecting Menu < Messages.



Update Contact Information – Update you contact information here.

Stop Payment – This will allow stop a check or multiply checks.

Open an Account – Open a new CCU account.

Apply for a Loan – Apply for a loan through CCU.

CardSwap – Single spot to update your card on file wherever you pay like subscription, streaming services, eCommerce merchants and more.

Automated Load Payoff – Select a payment method to submit an automated loan payoff.

Request Payoff Letter ‐ Submit a request to payoff loan and submit a payment option.

Check Reorder – Here you can reorder your checks if you have an open checking account with CCU.

COVID‐19 Relief – Apply for COVID‐19 relief if you have an open loan with CCU.

Card Management – Manage CCU credit cards.

Stop Payments

Important to note that Stop Payments cost $30.00 per request, NOT per check. To process a stop payment on single or multiple checks please follow the following steps.


  1. Tap Menu < Services < Stop Payment
  2. Select the request type as either Single Check or Multiple Checks
  3. For Single Check Enter in
    a. Select Account
    b. Enter in Check Number
    c. Enter in Check Amount, Check date, Payee Name and Note (all optional)

  4. For Multiple Checks:
    a. Select an account
    b. Enter in the Starting Check Number and the Ending Check number
    c. Enter in Starting Day, Ending date and Note (all optional)

  5. Tap Request Stop Payment
  6. A confirmation window will open


Make changes to your online banking profile by selecting Setting < Security Preferences from the Main Menu.


Push Notifications – enable or disable push notifications for the device you are signed in on.

Account Preferences – Change your account display names and create groups for your accounts to be in.

Security Preferences – Change your password, change your Login ID, enable passcode and update your Secure Messaging information here.

Alerts – create and update alerts like account alerts, history alerts, online transaction alerts and set

Account Preferences

To update your internal and external account name follow these steps.


  1. Select Menu < Settings < Account Preferences

  2. Select the account you would like to nickname.

  3. Once the account is selected, you will be directed to the Account Activity screen. Your current Account Nickname along with the Account Name are displayed on this screen. Click on Update Nickname to change the nickname.
  4. Click the pencil icon under Online Display Name. Enter the nickname you would like to assign to this account.

  5. Select the checkmark to confirm the nickname.
  6. Your Account Name is now displayed as your chosen nickname.

  7. To confirm go to the Menu > Home

  8. The new nickname will reflect under their Account group.


(Please be advised these changes are for your Online Banking/Mobile App view only and will not be updated in CCU’s internal systems)


Security Preferences

Change Security Information ‐ To change your Secure Delivery Contact Information. You can add, edit or delete the contact information which can be a text numbers, voice numbers or email addresses

Change Password ‐ to choose a New Password for your online banking access. Enter your current password. Then enter and confirm your new password. The password must be a minimum of 8 characters with at least one number and one capital letter. Update. You will receive a message confirming the change.

Change Login ID ‐ to choose a new User ID for logging into your account online. The User ID must be between 6 and 26 characters in length and may be made up of both numbers and letters. The User ID is not case sensitive and cannot contain numbers only. Enter and confirm your new User ID. Update. You will receive a message confirming the change.



Within your Online Banking, you can set up account related alerts. The alert will be sent to your email address provided.

To set up and view alerts for your CCU Account, follow these steps.


  1. Log into your Online Banking. Select Settings ‐> Alerts.
  2. You can view all your alerts here. Just click the alert type and all the available alerts will expand
  3. To set an Alert, there are many options to choose from under +New Alert. After choosing an Alert type you will be directed to the next screen.


Reminder Alert

This alert will deliver a message of your choice on the date of your choice.



  1. Click +New Alert, then click Reminder
  2. Select an Event type, select a date, click the checkbox for Recurs Every Year, enter in the message and select an Alert Delivery Method. Depending on the selected Alert Delivery Method, fill out additional field if required.
  3. Create Alert.


Account Alert

The Account Alert option allows you to receive an alert on any account or loan you have with CCU. You can choose to receive an alert regarding your YTD Interest, Available Balance or Current Balance and if the balance drops below or exceeds a dollar amount that you choose.


  1. Select Account Alert.

  2. Select Account, Account Balance Type, Amount and Alert Delivery Method. Depending on Alert Delivery Method, fill out additional field if required.
  3. Click Create Alert.


History Alert

The History Alert will send you an alert when a transaction type of your choice happens on an account of your choice.


  1. Select History Alert.

  2. Choose the Transaction Type, Amount, Account and Delivery Method. Depending on Alert Delivery Method, fill out additional field if required.
  3. Click Create Alert.


Online Transaction Alert

You can receive an alert for different types of transactions that process within an account.


  1. Select Online Transaction Alert.

  2. Select Transaction, Account, Status and Alert Delivery Method. Depending on Alert Delivery Method, fill out additional field if required.
  3. Select Create Alert.


Edit Alerts

  1. Select Settings, then click Alerts.

  2. Select Edit on the Alert you would like to update.

  3. Make any updates i.e. changing the account, amount, delivery method type or delivery method number/email. Then click Save.

  4. Once saved, you will receive this confirmation notice.


Delete Alert

  1. To delete an alert, click Edit on the Alert.

  2. Click Delete on the bottom of the page.

  3. A window will pop up asking you to confirm you want to delete the chosen alert. Click Confirm to continue.

  4. A confirmation window will pop up confirming the alert has been deleted.


From the Help option on the Menu, the following will be displayed.


Type in any questions you have, and there should be an answer waiting for you.