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Ease the Fees

Building Better Branches

Have you been to a CCU branch lately? If so and depending on where, you might have seen a tremendous transformation taking place. We’re renovating several of our branches, and on top of that, we’re opening a new location for your convenience!

Greater space, more ITMs, less waiting.

ITMsNot only are we increasing space and updating the look of many branches, we’re also upgrading tech, specifically with the addition of Interactive Teller Machines (ITMS)!

Why waste time talking on an intercom and using a pressure tube – which takes 7 minutes on average – when you can speak to a local representative on a monitor and complete your transaction in less than half that time!

Click here for a list of ITM locations, hours, acceptable transactions, and a video tutorial on how to use them.

Where we’re working

We’ve actually been doing renovations at every branch location since 2019, But in 2022 and 2023 we’re really kicking things into high gear! The following branches are currently undergoing remodeling, or will be soon: 

  • Streamwood
  • 990 S. Barrington Road
    Status: renovations complete! 
    3 ITMs – 2 drive-up + one lobby
Branch Revovations LP 4
  • Waukegan 
  • 2750 Washington Street
    Status: drive-up September 2022, lobby early 2023
    7 ITMs – 4 drive-up + 3 lobby
  • Schaumburg
  • 1310 N. Meacham Road
    Status: Late 2022
    5 ITMs – 3 drive-up + 2 lobby
  • Carol Stream 426 W. Army Trail Road
    Status: Late 2022
    4 ITMs – 3 drive-up + 1 lobby
  • *NEW* Arlington Heights
  • 950 E. Rand Road
    Status: Early 2023 opening
    4 ITMs – 2 drive-up + 2 lobby
  • North Waukegan
  • 2750 Washington Street
    Status: 2023
    ITMs to be determined