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Text Banking User Guide

Text Banking is an easy, fast and secure way of banking while on the go using your phone’s texting capabilities. A mobile phone is required to use Text Banking. This service is free to enroll and use, however, your wireless provider may charge you standard data and messaging rates. Please contact your mobile provider for data and messaging rates.

Guide images are for example only. Account balances, reward levels, dividend rates, and loan rates are shown for display purposes only, and do not reflect your account rates or balances. Your actual reward level and dividend rate earned is based on current market rates, which are subject to change at any time and without notice, and your account qualification level earned.

Activating your phone and Using Text Banking

Log into your online banking

Select Manage Profile -> User Profile -> Text Banking

Screen capture highlights Manage Profile, then User Profile, then Text Banking.

Enter the phone number you would like to add for Text Banking and re-enter to confirm. Accept the Terms and Conditions and then select Add.

Screen capture highlights where to enter the phone number.

You will then receive an Activation Code via text message to the cell phone number provided. The text message will be from CCU’s Text Banking number: 29137. The activation code for this example is 22766.

Image shows sample text message containing activation code.

Enter the Activation Code received via text message to complete Text Banking registration. Submit. Please note the activation code must be entered during the same session as the phone number was entered and the code was requested.

Screen capture highlights where to enter the Activation Code.

Your registration is completed. You will receive a second text message confirming activation.

Screen capture shows example confirmation message CCU Text Banking: Welcome! Reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. Msg & data rates may apply 877-275-2228

Your phone number is now enrolled for Text Banking.

The next step will be to create short nicknames for each account you would like to inquire on. These nicknames are separate from nicknames you may have created for online/mobile banking. To assign nicknames for your accounts for Text Banking purposes, please follow these steps:

Manage Profile -> User Profile -> Text Banking.

Screen capture highlights Manage Profile, then User Profile, then Text Banking.

Select Mobile Nicknames.

Screen capture highlights button to enter mbile nickname.

Assign a 1 to 4 character (numbers and/or letters) nickname to each account you choose to enable for Text Banking. You can enable any or all of your accounts to be accessible via Text Banking. To do so, checkmark the account under the Enable column. Choose one account to be your Primary account. Submit. Please note you are able to make changes to these choices at any time.

Screen capture highlights areas to enter information to enter mobile nickname information.

Once your nicknames are established, you are ready to use Text Banking. To submit an inquiry, send a text to number 29137 using one of the inquiry commands followed by your chosen nickname.

The commands to use for Text Banking are:

  • BAL - for balances
  • HIST - for history. You will be provided the last 5 transactions.
  • MORE - for more history. You will be provided 5 additional transactions. You can continue to text MORE to be provided an additional 5 transactions.
  • HELP - for all account text banking nicknames
  • STOP - to unsubscribe your phone from Text Banking
  • BAL ALL - to request balances on all of your CCU accounts

The commands are not case sensitive. BAL, Bal or bal will all equate to the same balance inquiry request.

There must be a space between the command and the nickname. For example, to receive a balance for a savings account nicknamed SAV, please text the following:


By sending a text with this request, you will receive a text reply with the balance for your savings account nicknamed SAV.

Image showing text message reply with the balance for your savings account nicknamed SAV

You can add up to 4 additional phone numbers or delete a phone number easily by logging into your online banking, selecting Manage Profile -> User Profile -> Text Banking.

From here you may choose the Delete option next the phone number you would like to delete or Add Phone to add another phone number. Each phone number added will be texted a verification code to activate the phone for Text Banking purposes.

Screen capture displays image of highlighted area to delete or add a phone number.

If choosing to delete a phone number, you will receive an alert asking if you would like to continue. Select OK.

Screen capture confirming you would like to delete the phone number.