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Smart Saver Update User Guide

Smart Saver Update Feature

Your Smart Saver Update is a feature that helps you keep track of your Smart Saver qualifications met during the month. On the first day of each month, the Smart Saver Update resets all of the requirements.

Saver Status:

This field represents the Smart Saver APY you are currently qualified for. Until the Smart Saver requirements are met (enrolled in eDocuments, set up direct deposits totaling at least $500 to any CCU checking account, and deposits totaling at least $50 per month), the Saver Status will show “Basic - 0.25% APY.” This Saver Status will also show if you have made any withdrawals from your Smart Saver account.

Guide images are for example only. Account balances, reward levels, dividend rates, and loan rates are shown for display purposes only, and do not reflect your account rates or balances. Your actual reward level and dividend rate earned is based on current market rates, which are subject to change at any time and without notice, and your account qualification level earned.

Screen capture showing basic saver status

Screen capture showing how many withdrawals there have been


Once the Smart Saver requirements have been met, and you have made no withdrawals from your account, your Saver Status will show “Smart - 1.50% APY.” Congratulations, you are now a Smart Saver!

Smart Saver Status

Minimum Deposit:

The current dollar amount of deposits out of $50.00 you have made for the month will be displayed; once you have reached the minimum deposit amount of $50.00, a check mark will replace the dollar amount.

Screen capture showing the minimum deposit is not met

Screen capture showing the minimum deposit is met

Smart Saver Deposits:

The current dollar amount of deposits out of $1,000.00 you have made for the month will be displayed.

Screen capture showing Smart Saver deposits not met

Once you have reached the minimum deposit amount of $50.00, the text in this field will be green.

Screen capture showing min deposit is met

Since this account has a monthly cap of $1,000.00, the greatest dollar amount that can be displayed will be “$1,000.00 / $1,000.00,” since any funds in excess of $1,000.00 you attempt to deposit to your Smart Saver Account will be automatically swept to your Membership Share Savings account.

screen capture showing Smart Saver deposit is at its max

Please note that you are not required to deposit $1,000.00 into your Smart Saver account. You only need to deposit up to $50.00 each month in your Smart Saver account as one of the requirements to earn the higher interest rate.

Direct Deposit:

This field will display the current dollar amount of Direct Deposits your CCU checking account has received for the current month; once the $500.00 requirement has been fulfilled, a check mark will replace the dollar amount.

Screen capture showing direct deposit not met

screen capture showing direct deposit met

To locate your CCU checking account number for direct deposit purchases, log into your Online Banking, select “View Accounts,” and then select “Direct Deposit.”

Under the “Deposits” section, all of your share account numbers, direct deposit numbers, and routing numbers are listed. When setting up electronic deposits, always use the Direct Deposit/MICR number.

Screen capture showing online banking direct deposit highlighted


If you have enrolled to receive electronic documents and notices from CCU, this requirement is already met and the eDocuments field will not be displayed. If you are not enrolled, click the “Enroll Now” link to register.

Screen capture showing eDocs enroll now


Once you have clicked “Enroll Now,” the “Confirm Registration” page will populate. Enter your email address into the top box under “Notification Preference.” All of the other boxes will fill in automatically with your email address.

Screen capture eDocs registration Step1


Then, scroll down and enter the image verification code that is shown.

Screen capture showing eDocs registration Step2

Read and accept the terms and conditions. Click “Register”.

Screen capture showing eDocs registration Step3

You are now enrolled in eDocuments. Within 48 business hours of enrollment, the eDocuments field will no longer be visible as the requirement has been met. Being enrolled in eDocuments means that all monthly statements and notices will be held in the eDocuments portal. You will receive an email to the email address you entered any time a statement or notice is sent to you. eDocuments will house the last 24 months of account statements and notices.

A confirmation message will appear. An enrollment confirmation notification will be sent to the email address entered.

Screen shot of eStatement request has been successfully processed message

Year To Date Interest

This field will show the total interest that you have accrued for the year on your Smart Saver account.

Screen capture showing year to date interest earned