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Online Banking FAQ

Why am I being asked to provide new "Identity Verification" methods?

Users may be prompted with new, additional levels of verification to ensure a transaction is a valid, authorized one. These verification protocols are in addition to the standard public key encryption algorithm (RSA) and multi-factor authentication (security questions and the Reverse Authentication (site key image and phrase)).

CCU currently supports two (2) identity verification methods:

  • Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA): KBA questions differ from RSA questions in that rather than being picked from a list and answered ahead of time by the user, the questions are sourced dynamically from public databases. KBA questions are designed to be easily answered by the legitimate user, but difficult to answer by a fraudster. KBA questions are available for users over the age of 18 and are accessed from United States-based databases only.
  • Out of Band Authentication (OOB): OOB involves both phone and SMS validation. In phone validation, Online Banking presents the user a code before the transaction is allowed to execute. The user selects a phone number (already in our system) and the user then receives an automated phone call. The user enters in the code using their touch tone key pad. Online Banking validates the code, if successful the transaction is allowed to execute. With SMS validation Online Banking texts a code via SMS to a mobile device number (already in our system). The user then enters the code into Online Banking for validation.

Please click here for images of each of the two identity verification methods.

How to access your account

You will have free access to your account information in Consumers Credit Union's (CCU) Online Banking section of our web-site. Existing Online Banking users can enter their User ID on the main page, upper right hand corner. You may be asked to answer one of your Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) challenge questions. When entering your password on the next screen, also verify your MFA image and phrase are correct.

Registering for Online Banking is easy! New User can click on the link under the login box on the main page of CCU's web page. You will be shown our electronic disclosure. Upon acceptance of this disclosure you will be prompted to verify account and personal information.

  • Choose a unique User ID (Your User ID must be at least 6 characters).
  • Choose a password (Your password has a minimum length of eight (8) characters and must contain a combination of letters and numbers. We recommend using a stronger password that contains a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters).
  • he first time you log into Online Banking, you will need to complete the MFA registration.

Consumers Online Banking now allows you to choose a unique User ID. In the past, this was always your CCU account number. You now have the ability to change your User ID in the "Manage Profile" link once you have authenticated to Online Banking. Consumers recommends you change this to something other than your account number. Our Multi-factor Authentication now has an image you choose to verify you are truly at Consumers Online Banking web site.

Unable to login

The error message you receive is listed below. If you receive the message:

"You've entered an invalid User ID/ Password or your account is restricted. Please try again or contact customer service at (877)275-2228."

If you receive this message: Please check the following:

  • Caps Lock Key- Since it is case sensitive, the caps lock key can alter the password.
  • Did you change the password? If so, you may have selected a different password and forgotten it.
  • Use the Forgot My Password link to reset your password.

The system will allow three (3) password attempts and will disable the account on the fourth (4) try. While we may be able to quickly work on your request, please allow a one business day turn around time for the reset to become active. For security and privacy reasons, CCU employees have no way of determining what your current Online Banking Password may be. As we can not verify your password information, please do not tell us your password, or expect us to provide this information to you over the phone.

Will not accept password

If you keep getting a request to enter your member number and password it indicates your browser needs to have the JavaScript function enabled. This can be done in the options section of the browser.

Also some browsers allow you to enable a function to require passwords for certain sites or certifications. In that instance you should enter the password for the browser. Additionally, for your security & protection, account access will be denied after three (3) invalid login [bad account or password entered] attempts. If you receive a message that your account access has been disabled please contact us anytime or call (877) 275.2228 (ASK.CCCU) during normal business hours, and let us know you have been locked out of your account.

When is my account updated for transactions I perform?

CCU's Online Banking system is on-line real-time. Your account is updated for Online Banking transactions at the time transactions are completed. If our system is down, you will not be able to access your account or perform transactions. Please note, transactions performed through the Online Banking system are effective for the Credit Union's business day at the time the transactions are completed. For example, transactions done on Sunday will show on your account history as being completed on Monday's business date. The business date for the transaction is indicated as the "Posted On" date when transactions are completed.

How do I cancel my Online Banking access?

You may cancel your Online Banking access at any time by contacting the credit union. While we will work quickly to complete your request, it may take us up to one business day to complete this task.

Are there any times when I can not access my account?

At those times when the Credit Union has taken its system down for required end-of-day processing or system maintenance, access will be unavailable. Notification is placed on the web-site if we are bringing our system down for an extended period to perform necessary updates or maintenance. To provide for minimal impact on accessing the site, maintenance activities are normally scheduled for late evening/early morning hours. Additionally, access will be inhibited when unexpected problems bring the systems down.

I don't have a checking account with Consumers, can I make bill payments using my savings account?

Due to regulatory restrictions, the Bill Payment Service must be performed against a Checking account. If you would like to open a checking account click here, or call our Contact Center (877)275.2228 (ASK.CCCU) during normal business hours or apply online.

To report problems

If you wish to report the service is unavailable or other problems, please provide the specific message received and call (877) 275.2228 (ASK.CCCU) during normal business hours. Should you feel there has been a breach to the security or integrity of this site, or your access information, please provide the specific message received and call (877) 275.2228 (ASK.CCCU) during normal business hours.