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Why am I being asked to provide new "Identity Verification" methods?

Nov 11, 2016, 14:19 PM
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Users may be prompted with new, additional levels of verification to ensure a transaction is a valid, authorized one. These verification protocols are in addition to the standard public key encryption algorithm (RSA) and multi-factor authentication (security questions and the Reverse Authentication (site key image and phrase)).

CCU currently supports two (2) identity verification methods:

  • Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA): KBA questions differ from RSA questions in that rather than being picked from a list and answered ahead of time by the user, the questions are sourced dynamically from public databases. KBA questions are designed to be easily answered by the legitimate user, but difficult to answer by a fraudster. KBA questions are available for users over the age of 18 and are accessed from United States-based databases only.
  • Out of Band Authentication (OOB): OOB involves both phone and SMS validation. In phone validation, Online Banking presents the user a code before the transaction is allowed to execute. The user selects a phone number (already in our system) and the user then receives an automated phone call. The user enters in the code using their touch tone key pad. Online Banking validates the code, if successful the transaction is allowed to execute. With SMS validation Online Banking texts a code via SMS to a mobile device number (already in our system). The user then enters the code into Online Banking for validation.

Please click here for images of each of the two identity verification methods.

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