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Unable to login

Nov 11, 2016, 14:19 PM
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The error message you receive is listed below. If you receive the message:

"You've entered an invalid User ID/ Password or your account is restricted. Please try again or contact customer service at (877)275-2228."

If you receive this message: Please check the following:

  • Caps Lock Key- Since it is case sensitive, the caps lock key can alter the password.
  • Did you change the password? If so, you may have selected a different password and forgotten it.
  • Use the Forgot My Password link to reset your password.

The system will allow three (3) password attempts and will disable the account on the fourth (4) try. While we may be able to quickly work on your request, please allow a one business day turn around time for the reset to become active. For security and privacy reasons, CCU employees have no way of determining what your current Online Banking Password may be. As we can not verify your password information, please do not tell us your password, or expect us to provide this information to you over the phone.

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