CCU's eDocument solutions are now available to enhance your online experience! eDocuments are a new online service which store all electronic documents from CCU, like eStatements and eNotices, which are provided at no charge to CCU Members.

eStatements and eNotices provide tremendous benefits for Members like you while reducing CCU's postage and printing costs. In turn, these savings allow us to provide better rates and lower fees than most of our competitors.


Nov 15, 2016, 12:34 PM
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eStatements are a safe, secure way for you to receive statements from CCU. Sign up today and you'll have access to your statements for the last 18 months of Membership. Now that's service!

eStatements allow you to access your statements Online, when convenient for you. You'll receive alerts when new statements are ready . . . and you'll typically receive eStatements 2 to 3 days quicker than paper statements sent by mail.

Signing up is so easy, you can do it yourself! Here's how...

Self-enrollment (must already use Online Banking)

  • Go to CCU's Online Banking login page and login in the usual fashion
  • Select the "eStatements" tab from the dark blue tool bar
  • This will take you to the "eStatement Access" page, Thoroughly read the "please be aware" content and click continue
  • You will then be taken to the disclosure page. Thoroughly read through the disclosure and then enter the e-mail address where your want to receive notifications when eStatements are available for viewing and click "I Accept" to accept all terms and conditions of the disclosure.
  • Select the statement period you want to review (the periods begin about ½-way down the page). The statement date ranges are listed on the far right side of the page.

eStatements are safer and more secure than mail, whereas your paper statement sits in your mailbox until "someone" picks it up. Best of all, you can still print your e-Statement if you need a copy for your tax or other records as your online eStatement history grows to 18 months!

VISA eStatements

CCU is proud to announce we now have eStatements available for Members with VISA Credit Cards!

That's right . . . now you can receive your monthly VISA statement electronically . . . just like your other CCU account information. This is another important step in your credit union's "Grow Green" initiative.

Here's how simple it is to enroll . . .

  • To get started, login in myconsumers.org
  • In Online Banking, click on your VISA loan and you'll be directed to your VISA information page.
  • At your first login, you'll be asked to sign up for eStatements
  • Follow the prompts and you'll be guided through the process

It's really just that easy! Then starting next month, you'll receive e-mail notices when your E-Statements are ready to view. Super convenient, too!

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