eDocuments FAQs

Will the "Subject Line" clearly identify the e-mail alerts so I can distinguish them from promotional messages?

Yes, the alerts will clearly identify the type of notice available for Members.


What notices are going to be available via text/ email?

All notices Members currently receive by mail are now available electronically.


How much do eNotices cost?

eNotices are free from Consumers Credit Union. However, standard text message rates apply. Please keep in mind that you may incur additional charges from your mobile phone provider if you are using mobile broadband. Many smartphones have the ability to utilize WiFi, thus not needing to use your mobile data plan.


Is the notice sent via text or email or just a notification?

Members only receive "alerts" that their notices and/or statements are available through Online Banking. The actual notices and statements are never sent by text or e-mail.


What is the estimated time frame in which the messages will go out?

Messages are generated daily; generally speaking, Members will receive their electronic notice that same day. In any case, Members will still RECEIVE electronic notices at least two days sooner than those receiving them by mail.

Can I enroll in just eStatements and not eNotices?

No. In order to receive FREE eNotices, Members must sign up for both eStatements and eNotices.

How many emails and/or text messages will go out in a day? For example, if I have 3 Over Draft Privilege (ODP) notices generated, will I receive 3 messages?

A Member will receive one alert per day for each type of notice they receive. For example, 3 ODPs on the same day will generate one alert, rather than three. If the Member also has another notice, such as a CD pre-maturity notice, they will receive a separate message.